375 - Postal, Courier & Freight Services

Records relating to postal, courier and freight delivery services used by ministries and agencies.

Record types include correspondence, delivery slips, forms, lists, and logs.

For correspondence tracking, see primary 255.
For customs and excise duties and tax reporting, see primary 1210.
For warehouse receipts (e.g., bills of lading and waybills), see primary 825.

non-OPR NOTE: Offices will retain non-OPR copies of records for: SO nil DE

Primary-Secondary Records Series OPR
375-00 Policy and procedures SO nil DE
375-01 General CY+2y nil DE
375-02 Postal, courier, and freight services
(covers Canada Post, Ministry mail delivery system, government postal services, and private courier services)
SO nil DE
375-06 Postal delivery/courier logs
(covers mail logbooks [incoming and outgoing])
SO nil DE
375-07 Postal mailing lists SO nil DE
375-09 Postal/courier delivery slips
NOTE: This secondary covers slips that accompany delivered mail and packages.  Classify warehouse receiving documents such as bills of lading and waybills under primary 825.
SO nil DE
375-10 Dangerous goods shipping documents and permits 
SO = upon delivery of shipment and, if applicable, upon expiry of permit
2y = The retention period satisfies the two-year retention period stipulated for dangerous goods shipping documents under the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act (Statutes of Canada 1992, c. 34) and Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TGD) Regulations (SOR/2008-34, Part 3.11), as well as the two-year retention period for commencing an action under the Transport of Dangerous Goods Act (RSBC 1996, c. 458).
NOTE: Dangerous goods shipping permits are only issued for exemptions to the provisions in the legislation.
SO 2y DE

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