Security Day - June 13th, 2019

The Connected World of Smart Cities - June 13th, 2019 Security Day

Hosted by the Information Security Branch, Office of the Chief Information Officer
Ministry of Citizens’ Services

Security Day  Agenda

“Introduction of the Honourable Jinny Sims, Ministry of Citizens' Services”

“Introduction of the Honourable Jinny Sims, Ministry of Citizens’ Services”
Ian Donaldson, Assistant Deputy Minister, OCIO Enterprise Services, CITZ


“Welcome to Security Day from the Minister of Citizens' Services”

“Welcome to Security Day from the Minister of Citizens’ Services”
The Honourable Jinny Sims, Ministry of Citizens’ Services


“Canadian Smarter Cities Strategy Leader at IBM Canada Ltd.”

Morning Keynote - “Canadian Smarter Cities Strategy Leader at IBM Canada Ltd.”
As IBM’s executive responsible for the strategy and execution of IBM's Smarter Cities Initiative in Canada, John will define ‘Smarter City’ and frame the key issues and opportunities that are relevant to Security and Privacy.
John Longbottom, Innovation Development Executive & Smarter Cities Strategy Executive, Western Canada, IBM Canada Ltd.

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"Securing Digital Infrastructure During Digital Transformation"

“Securing Critical Infrastructure During Digital Transformation”
Attacks on infrastructure have increased in recent years and new bad actors are becoming more sophisticated in their methods.  Come learn about best practices in providing cybersecurity in these operational technology
Peter Newton, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Fortinet 

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“Cybersecurity at the Intersection of IoT, Industrial Controls, and Smart Cities”

“Cybersecurity at the Intersection of IoT, Industrial Controls, and Smart Cities
This talk explores the emerging challenges of cybersecuring IoT and Industrial control systems (ICS) which are core elements of Smart Cities. We look at how frameworks such as Zero Trust and IEC 62443 as well as a security platform approach can be applied to improve visibility, control, consistency and automation when protecting ICS/IoT.
Del Rodillas, Director of IoT and Industrial (ICS/IIoT) Cybersecurity Product Marketing, Palo Alto Networks

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“The Future of Smart Buildings in Government”


The Future of Smart Buildings in Government"
Ryan will present several RPD initiatives to develop and integrate smart building technology into our real estate portfolio.  The presentation will cover future plans as well as projects underway right now.
Ryan Lush, Real Estate Advisor, Asset Management, Real Properties Division, CITZ

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"Smarter Together"

Smarter Together
The goal of a smart city is to have safer, healthier and more connected communities. In this keynote, Jessie shares the details of their Smart Cities Challenge proposal outlining: the role of the City’s digital transformation journey in positioning the team for success, how community engagement was reinvented to co-develop the proposal with the community and the evolving role of the City is within the Smart City ecosystem.
Jessie Adcock, Chief Technology Officer, City of Vancouver

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“Where Does Privacy Live in a Smart City?”

“Where Does Privacy Live in a Smart City?”
While we were all waiting for the futuristic metropolis of movies and tv to make a grand entrance, the Smart City has quietly already arrived. Evolving rapidly from cities of surveillance, these cities present unique data privacy problems.
Matt Reed, Executive Director, Privacy, Compliance and Training, OCIO, Ministry of Citizens’ Services    

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“Panel: Security implications of Smart Cities”

“Panel:  Security implications of Smart Cities"
Moderator:  Dale Land, Director, Cyber Intelligence and Investigations, OCIO, Ministry of Citizens’ Services
Panelists:  John Longbottom, Rhianna Begley, Erik Berg, Jessie Adcock


"Cities of the Future"

“Cities of the Future”
An approach to addressing community issues that leverages data & connected technologies.
Peter Leathley, Director, Technology Strategy, Telus Communications

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“How ready is your smart city to be trusted and resilient?”

“How ready is your smart city to be trusted and resilient?”

This presentation will provide an overview of key elements to enable cities to assess their readiness to be “smart” from a security perspective. We will also take a deeper dive into the fundamental technologies such as IoT that support smart cities and infrastructure.
Guy Rosario, Manager, Cyber Security and Information Protection, KPMG
Jason Stevenson, Director, Cyber Security & Information Protection, KPMG

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"Bringing Trust to Smart Cities"
Haider Iqbal - Director Business Development, Digital Identity and Security, Thales

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