Security Day

The Province organizes and hosts two “Security Day” events each year (spring and fall), free of charge. Government employees, representatives from the broader public sector, school districts, post secondary institutions, municipalities, and crown corporations are encouraged to attend via webcast.

View the November, 2021 Security Day presentations. Or, view the presentations list below.

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Security concerns all of us - in all aspects of our lives. The November 2021 Security Day conference reflected this through the Defensible Security: @ Work, @ Home and @ Play theme.

As the cyber threat landscape continues to evolve, it's critical that we understand security threats and risks and how to best mitigate and manage them.

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“Protecting What Matters Most.”

Protecting Security Crown Jewels @ Work, @ Home and @ Play

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Protecting Security Crown Jewels

Synopsis: What are crown jewels? Paul Falohun discussed what crown jewels are in relationship to cyber security and best practices for protecting them.


“Are you feeling risky?”

Risk Assessment: Evaluating and Managing Risks

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Risk Assessment and Evaluation

Synopsis: Feeling risky? Brian Horncastle discussed various types of risks that people take at work, at home and at play, and ways we can better evaluate and manage risks to protect ourselves in the cyber realm.


“This Is My House, I Have To Defend It.”

Endpoint and Network Security

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Synopsis: How do we protect our home network? Dom Kapac discussed best practices to secure your home network from attackers.


“I Won’t Get Phished!”

Phishing Testimonial/Phishing

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Synopsis: After sharing someone's phishing testimonial, Dale Land discussed phishing best practices to recognize when you are being lured by a phishing attacker and how to manage phishing incidents.

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Multi-factor Authentication

Synopsis: What is Multi-factor Authentication? Jesse Piccin discussed how multi-factor authentication is an important security tool not only for our lives at work, but also for our lives at home and at play.

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Anatomy of a Breach

Synopsis: What makes up a breach? Alex Loffler discussed the parts of a cyber attack to help people better understand how attackers develop and execute a cyber attack.


SECURITY DAY WORKSHOPS (Hosted in Microsoft Teams)


Paul Falohun demonstrated using the Defensible Security Assessment Tool.

Michael Foltinek discussed how to be a security officer.

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Dom Kapac discussed how to secure your home network.