Fraud Prevention Month

March is Fraud Prevention Month

Every year, thousands of Canadians fall victim to fraud. Most people don’t think it could happen to them, but fraudsters are using increasingly sophisticated methods to target people of all ages and from all walks of life. More and more of these schemes are being attributed to organized crime. The impact on individuals, families and businesses is devastating – retirement savings, homes, businesses and in some cases, lives have all been lost.

It’s sometimes hard to keep on top of all the information you need to know to keep your money and your personal information safe. Terms like “identity theft,” “debit card fraud” and “phishing” can sound scary and you may not know where to turn to get clear information about what these terms mean and how you can protect yourself.

The good news is that the majority of frauds can be prevented by identifying the methods used by fraudsters. The more you know about a fraud, the less likely you are to fall for it. Through awareness, you can avoid becoming a victim. 

Complete this years Fraud Month Quiz to see how fraud aware you are. 

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Reporting Fraud:

Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre to report fraud

BC Securities Commission to report financial fraud

Reporting Identity Theft:

Equifax Canada
Report fraud - 1-800-465-7166
Credit report -

TransUnion Canada
Report fraud - 1-866-525-0262
Credit report -


Information Security Branch

BC Securities Commission - Be Fraud Aware

Video Series

Competition Bureau - Fraud: Recognize It. Report It. Stop It.

Fraud Newsletter, Little Black Book of Scams, Fraud Awareness for Commercial Targets, Recognize the Scam Quiz

RCMP Fraud Campaign

News releases, scams and fraud

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Consumer Protection BC

Fraud Prevention Month

SonicWALL Phishing IQ Test

Test your knowledge of Phishing and Scams.