October is Cyber Security Awareness Month

Are you cyber secure?

Participate in Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CSAM) to learn about simple yet effective practices to connect to your devices and use technology safely and securely.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month - 2023

Cyber Security Awareness MonthNow more than ever, it’s important to understand the risks of cybersecurity and how to protect your information and your identity.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is is an internationally-recognized cybersecurity awareness campaign.

The Information Security Branch invites you to learn more by participating in regular challenges and activities during Cybersecurity Awareness Month this October.

Here's how to participate:

  1. From Tuesday, October 3, through Tuesday, October 31 (excluding Thanksgiving Monday, October 9), take part in cybersecurity challenges.
  2. Send your answers in for each challenge each day to OCIOSecurity@gov.bc.ca.
  3. At the end of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, all who participate and provide correct answers for each challenge will have their name inserted into a draw for a prize!