Privacy and Security Overview

The BC Services Card was designed to ensure that services are delivered to the right person and that only authorized service providers are given access to an individual’s personal information. That means privacy is embedded into all aspects of the Provincial Identity Information Management (IDIM) Program services by meeting Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act requirements. BC Services Cards are designed with the same BC Driver’s Licence features that help to prevent theft and fraud. 

Here are some examples:

  • Only using necessary information: The systems developed to support the BC Services Card program ensure that information is not inappropriately shared across programs.
  • Notification of information sharing: Individuals are notified of the personal information that will be shared with the online services that they are trying to access.
  • The services an individual logs into are never shared: You will never be provided the names of other services an individual has logged into. This information is only available to the individual.
  • What an individual does within your service is never recorded: The BC Services Card Program never records information about what an individual does after they've logged in.
  • Strict security management: The system operates on servers located in secure data centres in Canada. Software and data is carefully protected with well-designed security controls. For example, encrypted network channels and comprehensive audit logs are used.

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