Integration Considerations

Integration is the process of connecting your online service with the BC Services Card identity and authentication service from the Provincial Identity Information Management (IDIM) Program.

Here are some aspects of integrations for you to consider:

  • Services: Ensure your business and systems requirements are well defined, including what kind of identity processes and data you use.
  • Launch dates: Allow adequate time in your project schedule to work with IDIM (at an information session, the IDIM team will give you an idea of how much effort may be required). How much time will your team have to dedicate to this project?
  • Communication with your clients: Build a communication plan to keep your clients in the loop. Also, get their input to help design your service and provide regular updates on any changes to your service delivery.
  • Authorization: It is your responsibility to determine what your clients are permitted access to. IDIM's identity and authentication service only authenticates (i.e. “who you are”) your clients using the BC Services Card - it does not authorize what services they're able to access.
  • Identity Information: Think about the identity data you need. During an authentication transaction, identity information about a person will be returned to your online service. Details about the card, transaction or the computer used are not disclosed during the authentication process.