Security and protecting your identity

The BC Services Card is government-issued ID that enables secure, convenient access to government services online and in person. The card can be used to set up a BC Services Card Account to access services online. You're responsible for securing the app on your device.

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Review your account activity

The BC Services Card program records when and how you use your card, the BC Services Card app, and the services you access. This information is available in your BC Services Card Account. You should log in to your account once a month to review where you have used the app and report any suspicious activity.

If you see activity that you do not recognize, contact us.

Secure the app

You're responsible for securing the BC Services Card app on your device.

How to secure the app


Remove or reset the BC Services Card app on a lost or stolen device

Remember that only a person that can unlock the BC Services Card app on your device can access the app.

You can remove the app off a mobile device, even if you don’t have it anymore.

How to remove the app from any device

You may want to wipe your mobile device: 

Keep your access confidential

We will only ask for your app PIN or device passcode in the app. Your PIN and device passcode are confidential. They never leave the device. They are never shared with us.

Do not respond to texts, emails or phone calls requesting your device passcode. Email to report it.


Do not respond to texts or emails asking for your personal information

We will never ask for your personal information by text or email unless you've contacted us. To set up the BC Services Card app, you will only be asked to enter your information in the app. 

Do not respond to any texts or emails asking you for personal information. Email to report it. If possible, include any screenshots, links to the website you're on, and what you're trying to do when you were prompted for the number.


Do not provide your credit card number - the app is free

You do not need a credit card. We will never ask you for your credit card number.

The BC Services Card app is free to download, set up and use. Only download the app from the official Apple App Store or Google Play Store

If you're asked for your credit card number, stop, do not provide it. Email to report it. If possible, include any screenshots, links to the website you're on, and what you're trying to do when you were prompted for the number.


Check your connection is secure

The only websites you should log in to with the BC Services Card app are at – you should not use your card anyplace else.

Before logging in with the BC Services Card app, check the top corner of your browser window.  You should see a green padlock symbol and In some browsers, 'Province of British Columbia', might also be displayed.  These elements of the website address indicate you have a secure connection to the government login.

If you think you do not have a secure connection, do not continue login.  Confirm the correct address of the government site. Open a new browser session and try again.

These are examples of what a secure connection looks like:

What secure connection looks like

What secure connection looks like

Report a concern

Contact us about suspicious phone calls, and forward suspicious emails to


Please note: Any third-party services offering authentication or identity services are not assessed or endorsed by the BC government. Our services have rigorous security standards to protect your personal information and identity. Using any third-party services offered on other websites would be entirely at your own risk.