Purchase Card Manual: Recalling and Cancelling Cards

Authority to Cancel Purchase Cards

Cardholders can be asked to return their purchasing cards at the request of, the Bank of Montreal, their ministry or the Office of the Comptroller General if the card is no longer required or where inappropriate or willful misuse is suspected.

Procurement Services Branch and the Office of the Comptroller General can effectively cancel the purchasing card program in a ministry or area within the ministry when they are not confident that it is being properly administered.

In any case of cancellation, the ministry card coordinator is to destroy (or confirm that the card has been destroyed) and cancel the card in the Spend Dynamics system.

Cardholders Leaving Their Positions

When an employee transfers to a new position, either within a ministry or to a new ministry, purchase cards should be cancelled and a new card issued if required.

Cardholders on Leave of Absence

When a cardholder is on an extended vacation or leave of absence, ministry card coordinators must recall purchase cards, change the card status to "Closed" and put the card in safekeeping. The card status can be changed back to "Open" when the cardholder returns.

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