Purchase Card Manual: Adding New Organizational Units to a Ministry Hierarchy

The hierarchy structure used by Spend Dynamics is a simple family tree type structure (parent, child) flowing from the Province down to the ministry, organizational unit and finally the cardholder.

There are three major types of hierarchy levels, corporate, intermediate and account. The corporate level represents the government program type. This could be purchase card, travel card or business transaction account (ghost). The intermediate level contains the organizational units and the account level contains the actual cardholders.

The hierarchy structure is built in Spend Dynamics by simply adding a profile for each reporting unit in the intermediate level and then indicating to which parent (intermediate profile/reporting unit) the new child profile "Reports to". Accounts are added in the same manner by indicating the parent (intermediate profile/reporting unit) that the account "Reports to". For reporting and billing, accounts and organizational units are rolled up based on the "Reports to" indicator. All children roll up with their parents to the next higher level.

For example: The Ministry of Finance would be added as an intermediate profile that "reports to" the purchasing card corporate level profile. Provincial Treasury would be added in the intermediate level that "reports to" the Ministry of Finance profile. Additional organizational units would be set up to either "Report to" the Ministry of Finance profile, or the Provincial Treasury profile. This process is repeated until all organizational units have been added. Finally, account profiles would be added to the structure by setting up the profile and the "Reports to" indicator.

Changes to Existing Organizational Units

The government card coordinator will assist the ministry card coordinator in changing the hierarchy structure for the ministry within the Spend Dynamics system. This would include the addition of new reporting structures.

Inter-ministry Transfers

When an entire unit or section of one ministry is transferred to another ministry, the card coordinator will work with BMO and the government card coordinator to transfer the entire unit from the old ministry to the new one. This would include transferring the hierarchy structure and cardholder accounts. Transfers made in this fashion will eliminate the need to cancel and reissue purchase cards. There may be times, however, when it would be more efficient to cancel existing cardholders and order new cards in the new ministry. The government card coordinator can advise which method would be appropriate under the circumstances.

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