Purchase Card Manual: Payment of Bank of Montreal Statements

Ministries will be charged-back their total expenditures on an inter-ministry journal voucher to a ministry clearing account. Individual cardholder statements are to be reconciled by cardholders, approved by expense authorities and posted to the appropriate account coding by the ministries to off-set the clearing account entry.

Any questions regarding clearing accounts or supplier coding should be directed to Financial Reporting and Advisory Services, Office of the Comptroller General.

Cardholder Statements

Cardholder statements can either be mailed to the cardholder or can be downloaded and printed using the Report module of the Spend Dynamics system.

The billing period begins on the fourth of the month and ends on the third of the following month. Electronic statement are available within 24 hours of the billing period end and paper statements that are mailed to the cardholder within two weeks.

Individual purchase card transactions are accessible through the Spend Dynamics system within 24 hours of the transactions being settled with the bank.

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