Purchase Card Manual: Forms and Reports



The Bank of Montreal (BMO) Spend Dynamics system has a vast library of reports available to cardholders and card coordinators. There are over 75 standard reports and over 1,000 custom reports available. There is also an ad hoc reporting feature that will provide access to all information stored in the BMO data warehouse.

Access to information is controlled by the user roles that a user has been granted in Spend Dynamics. Cardholders will only have access to their own transactions, and ministry card coordinators will have access to their ministry only. A "Reporting" role allows selected ministry staff access to assigned hierarchy levels within their ministries. The "auditor" and the "government card coordinator" roles provide reporting capabilities of the entire province.

Reports are accessed from Spend Dynamics in the Reports module. Users will require a username and password, which is available from the ministry card coordinator.

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