Navigation & Search Tips


Last Updated: May 2, 2016

This picture explains the search and navigation layout of the BCEA site

  1. The Top Navigation is consistent across all web pages, and is where users can search and find information across all Gov BC content and resources.
  2. The Left Section serves as a Table of Contents for navigating the BCEA Policy and Procedure Manual. Information is organized into categories. Click on a category to expand its related topics, and click on a topic to see its contents.
  3. The Center Section shows the main content of a policy topic, which includes the topic overview, policy, procedures, authorities and responsibilities, and frequently asked questions.
  4. The Right Section provides links to relevant acts and regulations, definitions, rate tables, resources and contacts.

Using Enhanced Search

Last Updated: May 2, 2016

Click Search the BCEA Manual on the left section to search the BCEA Policy and Procedure Manual. The improved search function features:

  • Suggestions for similar or mistyped search queries
  • Results sorting by date or relevance
  • Option to expand search to all of Gov BC

This picture explains the enhanced search features of the BCEA site

In addition, the search function will have ​Enhanced Search Facets. These are BCEA content-specific filters to further narrow search results (note: feature is currently in development).

Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: May 2, 2016


How do I find the BCEA Policy and Procedure Manual from the Gov BC homepage?

  1. From the main BC Gov homepage, click the Menu icon on the upper left and select British Columbians & Our Governments
  2. Click Services & Policies for Government from the dropdown menu
  3. Click BC Employment & Assistance Policy and Procedure Manual in the next page

This picture explains how to find the BCEA Policy and Procedure Manual from the BC Gov Homepage

This picture explains how to find the BCEA Policy and Procedure Manual from the BC Gov Homepage

  1. In your browser window (Google Chrome in this example), click File. Then click Print... (shortcut: Ctrl+P for PC, Cmd+P for Mac) from the dropdown menu
  2. Click More Settings to view and set print options. 
    • Tip - to print only a selection, first highlight the text or section you want to print, then check the box Selection Only
  3. Click Print

This picture explains how to print information on a webpage


How do I find specific information on a webpage in the BCEA Policy & Procedure Manual ?

  1. Expand all the accordions in order to make a comprehensive search
  2. In your browser (Google Chrome in this example) window, press Ctrl + F (PC) or Cmd + F (Mac) and type your search term i.e., "application"
    • your browser will highlight all matches on the current webpage

This pictures explains how to find specific information on a webpage on the BCEA site