Consular Corps of B.C.

The Consular Corps of B.C. is the official body of Consular officers who reside in the province of B.C. Consular officers represent more than 80 countries and are mostly based in Vancouver, B.C. Some Consular officers also have jurisdiction in other provinces and territories.

Consular officers generally:

  • Represent their countries and promote their countries' trade within the Consular District
  • Assist and protect nationals of the countries they represent
  • Explain their countries' policies and achievements in areas such as culture, trade, science, technology and tourism
  • Protect their countries' shipping interests, legalize ship's papers, assist their countries' seamen in distress and adjudicate certain shipping matters
  • Administer oaths and legalize foreign documents
  • Issue passports, visas and certificates


A Canadian citizen residing in B.C. may also be appointed as an Honorary Consular Officer.

Consular officers are ranked as follows:

  • Consuls General
  • Consuls
  • Vice-Consuls
  • Consular Agents

Consular posts are ranked as follows: 

  • Consulate General
  • Consulate
  • Vice-Consulate
  • Consular Agency