Using B.C. in a Name

Using the initials "B.C.", "BC" or "British Columbia" in a name, such as a business or society name, is restricted. This restriction ensures individuals or organizations don’t appear to be:

  • Acting on behalf of the B.C. Government
  • Providing the functions of the B.C. Government

There are three steps to request permission to use “"B.C.", "BC" or "British Columbia" in a name (view the high level process map (PDF) to use B.C. in a corporate name):

  1. Request and reserve your name choice
  2. Once you’ve received approval for your name choice, submit an application for permission to use “B.C.”, "BC" or “British Columbia” in your name (FIN 1005)(PDF)

PLEASE NOTE: We are experiencing technical issues with the email form option. We recommend using Internet Explorer if you want to email the completed form, otherwise please print and fax the form along with your “approved” Name Request from BC Registries.

  1. To complete the process, advise BC Registry Services you have received permission
  2. If for some reason your name is not approved, please direct appeals/enquiries to