InBC Investment Corp

Last updated on September 21, 2023

InBC Investment Corp (formerly BC Immigrant Investment Fund) is a Crown corporation that manages and invests a $500 million strategic investment fund of the Government of British Columbia. InBC will invest in high-growth potential businesses in B.C. to leverage investment from the private and public sectors to help businesses grow.

InBC will have a “triple bottom line” investment mandate, aiming to:

  • Achieve a financial return on investment
  • Promote values that make life better for people in B.C. including job creation, advancing reconciliation with Indigenous people, and promoting diversity and inclusion
  • Establish B.C. as a globally competitive low-carbon jurisdiction

Plans & Reports

Crown corporations and the B.C. government work together to plan and communicate their business with tools like mandate letters, service plans and annual reports.

Mandate Letter

Service Plans

Annual Service Plan Reports

​On September 17, 2020, the BC Immigrant Investment Fund (BCIIF) changed its name to InBC Investment Corp. As such, plans and reports prior September 17, 2020 refer to the BCIIF.

Enabling Legislation