2014 Regulated Vegetable Marketing on Vancouver Island

The purpose of this supervisory review is to support industry stakeholders and the BC Vegetable Marketing Commission (Vegetable Commission) in building a sustainable system that leads to positive outcomes for the Vancouver Island vegetable industry and the public it serves.


The Vancouver Island regulated vegetable sector faces a number of serious challenges to a sustainable future that benefits both farmers and the public.

The objective of this Supervisory Review is to define a shared vision for the regulated vegetable sector on Vancouver Island and determine how best to achieve it (whether or not production should continue to be regulated, and if so, what that looks like).

BCFIRB initiated this Supervisory Review on October 10, 2014. The Vegetable Commission is leading the Review.

For more information contact André Solymosi, General Manager, BC Vegetable Marketing Commission at Tel: 604-542-9734 or Email: asolymosi@bcveg.com. Or visit www.bcveg.com

Review Process and Timelines

Stage 1 – Vision Building completed

Stage 2 – Joint Problem Solving completed

  • February - March 2016 – Participate in a Vegetable Commission workshop to discuss the vision for Vancouver Island regulated vegetable marketing and how to best achieve it
  • See table below for dates/locations of open workshops (contact the Vegetable Commission if you have any questions)  
  • Discussions will focus on solutions to the issues identified in the summary document: What We Heard (PDF)
Nanaimo Monday, February 29, 11:00 AM - 3:30 PM (lunch provided) Coast Bastion Hotel, 11 Bastion St, Nanaimo
Delta Tuesday, March 1, start with lunch at 12:30 PM; meeting from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM Delta Town & Country Inn, 6005 Hwy 17A

Stage 3 – Evaluation of Options & Commission Submission completed

Stage 4 – BCFIRB Initial Decision and Establishing Agency Review Process

  • Based on the review process to date, BCFIRB will issue several decisions.
  • Here is the first decision, issued June 15, 2016: BC Farm Industry Review Board Supervisory Decision – the Future of Regulated Vegetable Production on Vancouver Island (PDF). In this June 15, 2016 decision, BCFIRB directed the Vegetable Commission to conduct a transparent, inclusive, and fair application and review process for the Commission to determine:
    • whether any existing Vancouver Island agency licences should be revoked
    • the identity of the Vancouver Island agency or agencies
    • the appropriate number of Vancouver Island agencies
Friday, Nov. 4, 2016 All applications are to be submitted to the Commission office by courier or registered mail and must be received by 5:00pm (close of business). Late applications will not be accepted.
Week of Nov. 14, 2016 As part of a transparent process, the Commission will publish, on its web site, the Executive Summary of each application that meets minimum criteria. These proposals represent the "qualified applicants".
Week of Nov. 21, 2016 Qualified applicants present their proposals to the Panel. This provides an opportunity for panel members to ask questions about the application.
Dec. 2016 The Panel reviews the applications and provides a recommendation and rationale to the Commission for approval. It is published and submitted to BCFIRB.
Jan. 2017 BCFIRB makes a supervisory decision following its own review and assessment of the Commission's recommendation and stakeholders submissions.

Stage 5 – Agency Review Process and Vegetable Commission Final Recommendations

Stage 6 – BCFIRB Final Process and Decision

  • BCFIRB notified the agency applicants of the opportunity to provide any final comments on the Commission’s agency licensing recommendations before January 20, 2017.


BCFIRB Supervisory Decision-Review of Vancouver Island Agencies (PDF) - January 31, 2017

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