Regulated Marketing: Judicial Reviews of Appeal and Supervisory Decisions

All BCFIRB appeal and supervisory related decisions made under the Natural Products Marketing (BC) Act are subject to judicial review.

To start a judicial review of a BCFIRB appeal decision you must file a petition with the B.C. Supreme Court within sixty (60) days of a BCFIRB panel decision. 

A petition cannot simply challenge a BCFIRB decision as being wrong. 

A petition must allege that BCFIRB:

  • Made a patently unreasonable finding of fact or law or exercise of discretion,
  • Acted in a procedurally unfair manner, or
  • Made an incorrect jurisdictional decision.

If you wish to appeal a decision of the B.C. Supreme Court, you can appeal to the Court of Appeal upon obtaining leave (permission from a justice of the Court of Appeal) to do so.

BCFIRB posts B.C. Supreme Court decisions on its appeals: