Regulated Marketing

B.C.’s regulated marketing system is a government-legislated system that provides for the orderly production and marketing of certain agricultural commodities. Agricultural commodity boards, with government-appointed chairs, regulate each of the sectors.

A summary of the overarching purpose of regulated marketing may be found in the Ministry of Agriculture “2004 Regulated Marketing Economic Policy”:

The regulated marketing system operates in the interests of all British Columbians. Boards and Commissions operating under the authority of the Natural Products Marketing (BC) Act are responsive to the needs of British Columbia producers, as well as to processors, consumers, and other participants in the British Columbia food system.

B.C. Farm Industry Review Board’s Role

BCFIRB is responsible for the general supervision of B.C.’s agricultural commodity boards, acting as a signatory to some agreements (for example, federal-provincial), and for hearing appeals from any person aggrieved or dissatisfied by an order, decision or determination of a marketing board or commission.

Regulated Sectors in B.C.

Supply Managed Commodities: In B.C., broiler hatching eggs, chicken, table eggs, cow milk, and turkey are regulated both provincially and federally under a system of supply management by the respective boards and commissions.

Non-Supply Managed Commodities: Cranberries, hogs and vegetables are regulated provincially by the respective commissions. These commodities are not subject to the same production, import and price controls as supply-managed products. 

Boards and commissions in B.C., including those that are supply managed, set exemptions for personal consumption, farm gate sales, and small-lot production. For more information contact the individual commodity boards.

Overall, B.C.’s regulated marketing sector contributes just over half of provincial farm cash receipts. 

Opportunities in Regulated Marketing

If you are interested in producing a regulated product, please see the following summary of licencing requirements and new entrant opportunities.

Industry Snapshots

The following industry snapshots provide overviews of the regulated sectors, including key facts, issues and opportunities, and governance approach.

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