General Supervision of Regulated Marketing

BCFIRB is responsible for the general supervision of the eight agricultural commodity boards that govern the regulated agri-foods sectors in B.C.

BCFIRB’s supervisory role enables it to review, oversee and, where deemed necessary and appropriate, give direction to marketing boards and commissions. This proactive role is complementary to BCFIRB’s appeal role, which is only triggered when a person files an appeal from a decision, order or determination of a marketing board or commission.

Under the Natural Products Marketing (B.C.) Act (NPMA) (section 7), BCFIRB may exercise its general supervisory powers at any time, with or without a hearing, and in the manner it considers appropriate in the circumstances. BCFIRB’s supervisory role has been further interpreted in several landmark court decisions.

BCFIRB’s Supervisory Activities

Dispute Resolution

BCFIRB is empowered by the NPMA to hear appeals and conduct formal supervisory reviews. Where appropriate, BCFIRB promotes alternative dispute resolution, which gives parties an opportunity to resolve their differences without a formal hearing.

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Governance Oversight

BCFIRB, in conjunction with B.C.’s agricultural commodity boards, is adopting a principles-based approach to governance. This initiative is designed to improve board governance and lead to effective and strategic outcomes for both the regulated agri-food industry and the public. This move away from the historical, more prescriptive approach to supervision creates flexibility in how outcomes can be achieved.

Developing Expertise

BCFIRB works with a variety of stakeholders to develop and maintain expert knowledge of the regulated marketing system.


BCFIRB networks regularly with

  • The commodity boards
  • The B.C. Ministry of Agriculture
  • National marketing agencies
  • The National Association of Agri-foods Supervisory Agencies (NAASA)
  •  Farm Products Council of Canada (FPCC)
  • The Centre for Organizational Governance in Agriculture (COGA)
  • Civil society groups
  • Other stakeholders

Legislative Updates

BCFIRB helps ensure schemes and regulations governing the regulated sectors are kept current.

Developing Agreements

BCFIRB is a signatory to formal cooperation agreements that support the effective functioning of regulated agri-foods sectors at both the provincial and national levels.

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