Regulated Marketing Appeals

Under the Natural Products Marketing (BC) Act (NPMA), BCFIRB can hear appeals from anyone who is aggrieved by or dissatisfied with an order, decision or determination of an agricultural commodity board in B.C. For example, a producer can appeal a decision by a commodity board to increase a license fee.

You must file a written notice of appeal with BCFIRB within 30 days of the commodity boards’ order, decision or determination, or you may lose the right to file your appeal.

Click here for visual appeal Process Flow Chart (PDF)

BCFIRB promotes early dispute resolution through mediation, facilitation or other processes where possible.

BCFIRB’s dispute resolution process provides parties with an opportunity to achieve impartial and fair resolutions to disputes. BCFIRB’s role in hearing appeals also helps ensure commodity boards remain accountable when they exercise their authority under the NPMA.

After hearing an appeal, BCFIRB may:

  • Dismiss the appeal,
  • Confirm or vary the order, decision or determination being appealed,
  • Return the matter to the commodity board for reconsideration, or
  • Make another order BCFIRB considers appropriate in the circumstances.

BCFIRB decisions are made independent of government.

BCFIRB decisions are final and conclusive, but may be judicially reviewed in the Supreme Court of British Columbia. 

BCFIRB processes and procedures can be reviewed by the BC Office of the Ombudsperson, providing an additional layer of accountability.