Supervisory Activities: Agency Approvals

Regulated marketing boards and commissions can, depending on their particular legislation, designate agencies (businesses) through which regulated products can be processed, packed, stored or marketed.

Most regulated boards have moved away from designating agencies, except for the B.C. Vegetable Marketing Commission and the B.C. Cranberry Marketing Commission. Agency designations are renewed on a scheduled basis.

Under section 8 of the Natural Products Marketing (B.C.) Act Regulation, BCFIRB must approve agency designations before they can take effect.

Agency designations approved by BCFIRB include:

B.C. Cranberry Marketing Commission

Pacific Coast Fruit Products Ltd (PDF) – August 2008
Pacific Canadian Fruit Packers Inc. (PDF) – May 2008
Highbright Produce Inc. (PDF) – May 2008
Berryhill Foods Inc. – conditional approval (PDF) – July 2004

B.C.  Vegetable Marketing Commission

Village Farms Canada Inc. (PDF) – January 2007
Country Fresh Produce Inc. (PDF) – July 2005
Fraserland Organics Inc. (PDF) – May 2003
Greenhouse Grown Foods Inc. (PDF) – December 2002
Okanagan Greenhouses (agency) and Peter's Westsyde Greenhouses (sub-agency) (PDF) – June 2002
Global Greenhouse Produce Inc. (PDF) – January 2002

For current active designated agencies, and for rules for designating agencies, contact the relevant commission.

B.C. Mushroom Marketing Commission (regulation revoked)

Amycel-Canada Distributing Inc (PDF) - May 2002