2019 Public Accountability & Reporting Project

In Canada and B.C., the production and marketing of certain agriculture commodities is regulated by the federal and provincial governments. Supply managed agricultural commodities in Canada include:

  • Broiler hatching eggs
  • Chicken
  • Milk
  • Table eggs
  • Turkey

Provincially regulated agricultural commodities in B.C. include:

  • Cranberries
  • Hogs
  • Vegetables

These regulated sectors make up close to 50% of farm cash receipts paid to B.C. farmers. These sectors are regulated by agricultural commodity boards and commissions (commodity boards). B.C.’s commodity boards are granted significant legislative powers to manage their regulated commodities, and are first instance regulators.

The overall goal of the Public Accountability and Reporting Project (PARP) is to support and publicly demonstrate effective governance and sound leadership of these regulated agriculture sectors.

To achieve this goal, the BC Farm Industry Review Board (BCFIRB) worked with B.C.’s eight regulated and supply managed commodity boards to establish reporting criteria and performance measures.

Read BCFIRB’s 2019 PARP Report summarizing B.C.’s commodity board Industry Performance Targets, their use of good governance tools, and quota management and movement in B.C.

If you are interested in learning about the background of the PARP, click here.

PARP Summary

Learn who took part, what was reported on, why and what the next steps are for the PARP project.

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Sector Performance Targets

Discover what targets the commodity boards set to establish and communicate the future direction and structure of B.C.’s regulated agriculture sectors.



Find out more about the governance tools used by the commodity boards to deliver sound marketing policy in the public interest.

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Quota Management & Movement

Learn about the structure of supply-managed industries in B.C., and where and how much regulated product is produced.

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