Written Submissions

Last updated on May 14, 2015

In addition to feedback received at the consultation forums, the following written submissions were received and are included as part of the official consultation record:

Brown, Angela (PDF) English | Chinese 
C Dennis (PDF) English | Chinese 
Canadians for Reconciliation Society (PDF) English | Chinese 
Chiang, Rudy (PDF) English 
Chinese Benevolent Association (PDF 2.0 MB) English 
Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver (PDF) English 
Chow, Doris (PDF) English 
Chu, Bill (PDF) English | Chinese 
Dhahan, Barj S (PDF) English 
Harris, Michael (PDF 1.7 MB) English 
How, Wan (PDF) English | Chinese 
Hugh, Richard (PDF) English 
Hum, Derek (PDF) English 
Kwan, Jenny (PDF) English | Chinese 
Lam, George (PDF) English | Chinese 
Lamoureaux, Richard (PDF) English 
Lee, Howe (PDF 2.6 MB) English | Chinese
Lee, Karin (PDF) English
Lee, Lily (PDF 2.4 MB) English
Leung, Faye (PDF 4.0 MB) English | Chinese
Lit, Thekla (PDF) English | Chinese
Liu, Jianwu (PDF) English | Chinese
Lui, Amy (PDF) English | Chinese
Mackie, Jim (PDF) English | Chinese
Meng, Hua (PDF) English
National Congress of Chinese Canadians (PDF) English
Nesbit, Gayle (PDF) English | Chinese
Okano, Haruko (PDF) English | Chinese
Schenkeveld, Grace (PDF 1.5 MB) English
Shanghua, Xie (PDF 1.1 MB) English
Tan, Sid (PDF) English | Chinese
Tims, Heidi (PDF) English
Tsang, Dennie (PDF) English
Tsang, Naiya (PDF) Chinese
Wan, King (PDF) English
Wang, Li (PDF) English
Wong, Meena (PDF) English
Yeung-Lam, Fung Chun (PDF) English
Yip, Kimberly (PDF) English | Chinese
Yiu, Gabriel (PDF) English