Written Submissions

In addition to feedback received at the consultation forums, the following written submissions were received and are included as part of the official consultation record:

Brown, Angela (PDF) English | Chinese 
C Dennis (PDF) English | Chinese 
Canadians for Reconciliation Society (PDF) English | Chinese 
Chiang, Rudy (PDF) English 
Chinese Benevolent Association (PDF 2.0 MB) English 
Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver (PDF) English 
Chow, Doris (PDF) English 
Chu, Bill (PDF) English | Chinese 
Dhahan, Barj S (PDF) English 
Harris, Michael (PDF 1.7 MB) English 
How, Wan (PDF) English | Chinese 
Hugh, Richard (PDF) English 
Hum, Derek (PDF) English 
Kwan, Jenny (PDF) English | Chinese 
Lam, George (PDF) English | Chinese 
Lamoureaux, Richard (PDF) English 
Lee, Howe (PDF 2.6 MB) English | Chinese
Lee, Karin (PDF) English
Lee, Lily (PDF 2.4 MB) English
Leung, Faye (PDF 4.0 MB) English | Chinese
Lit, Thekla (PDF) English | Chinese
Liu, Jianwu (PDF) English | Chinese
Lui, Amy (PDF) English | Chinese
Mackie, Jim (PDF) English | Chinese
Meng, Hua (PDF) English
National Congress of Chinese Canadians (PDF) English
Nesbit, Gayle (PDF) English | Chinese
Okano, Haruko (PDF) English | Chinese
Schenkeveld, Grace (PDF 1.5 MB) English
Shanghua, Xie (PDF 1.1 MB) English
Tan, Sid (PDF) English | Chinese
Tims, Heidi (PDF) English
Tsang, Dennie (PDF) English
Tsang, Naiya (PDF) Chinese
Wan, King (PDF) English
Wang, Li (PDF) English
Wong, Meena (PDF) English
Yeung-Lam, Fung Chun (PDF) English
Yip, Kimberly (PDF) English | Chinese
Yiu, Gabriel (PDF) English