New Relationship Trust

The New Relationship Trust is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening First Nations in B.C. through capacity building. The Trust invests in First Nations in B.C. by providing support in five key capacity development areas:

Programs & Services


  • Scholarships and bursaries available to First Nation students pursuing a post-secondary education from a recognized institution
  • Funding for delivering Kindergarten to Grade 12 english, literacy, math and science projects

Elders and Youth

  • Funding for Elders projects and the annual Elders Gathering
  • Funding to strengthen youth leadership skills, build capacity or provide mentorship opportunities

Governance Capacity

  • Support for building governance capacity to help First Nations and their communities move successfully toward independence and self-governance

Language and Culture

  • Support for First Peoples’ Cultural Council in their mandate to protect, revitalize and enhance First Nations’ heritage, language, culture, and arts

Economic Development

  • Initiatives that support First Nations communities in developing sustainable economic opportunities


The New Relationship Trust is governed by a seven-member Board of Directors and operates independently of the provincial government. Board members are appointed to a two-year term by the Province of B.C., First Nations Leadership Council, First Nations Summit, the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs and B.C. Assembly of First Nations.


A fund of $100 million was established by the Province of B.C. in 2006 to help First Nations realize the vision of a new relationship. That fund is now managed by the New Relationship Trust.

Interest earned from fund investments supports programs and services for Indigenous people.

Priorities for funding are based on stakeholder feedback through engagement processes and surveys from First Nations and their communities.

Reporting on Progress

The New Relationship Trust produces an annual report and several other documents each year.