Consulting with First Nations

The Province is legally obligated to consult and accommodate (where required) First Nations on land and resource decisions that could impact their Aboriginal Interests.

While the Province is responsible for ensuring adequate and appropriate consultation and accommodation, it may involve the proponent in the procedural aspects of consultation.

Proponents are encouraged to engage with First Nations as early as possible in the planning stages to build relationships and for information sharing purposes.

The following guidelines and procedure manuals are designed to assist government officials and proponents with meeting consultation obligations with First Nations.

Engaging First Nations: Proponent Resources

Sector-Specific Proponent Guides

Environmental Assessment

Major Mines

Clean Energy Projects

Consultative Areas Database

An online, interactive mapping tool that allows the general public, industry, other levels of government and First Nations to identify First Nations who have treaty rights or asserted or proven rights or title on the land base queried.

GeoBC, iMapBC, Consultative Areas Database

Useful Contacts

The Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation provides advice and guidance in First Nations consultation.

Telephone: 1 800 880-1022 (Toll free)
Vancouver 604 660-2421 and Victoria 250 387-6121
PO Box 9100 Stn. Prov. Govt. Victoria BC V8W 9B1