Authentication of Documents Process

  • Original government-issued certificates can be sent directly to the OIC Administration Office.
  • Exception: Documents issued by the registrar of companies must have their registrar’s certifying them as true copies.  Corporate Registry/BC Registry Services/Registrar of Companies documentation obtained online that does not bear the Registrar’s seal imprint should be accompanied by the online receipt or be notarized.
  • Documents notarized by a B.C. lawyer, whose signature has already been verified in advance by the OIC Administration Office, can be sent directly to the office.
  • Documents notarized by a B.C. notary public must be sent to the Society of Notaries Public of BC (the notary usually does this). The society sends the document to the OIC Administration Office to authenticate the signature of the notary public.
  • After receipt of one of the foregoing documents, the OIC Administration Office will authenticate the signature on the document.
  • Document and certificates of authentication are returned by regular mail unless you include a prepaid, self-addressed return envelope. See Return Mail Service section.
  • Document size: Due to equipment restrictions, documents containing more than 40 pages must be split up. Avoid stapling large documents as removing staples can cause unavoidable damage. If a large document needs to be divided into several packages, there is no extra charge for processing. In your cover letter, simply make note of the divided document packages. Please contact the OIC Administration Office if you have any questions about document size.

Processing Time

  • “Same Day/Walk-In/While-You-Wait” service is no longer available.
  • MAIL/COURIERED ITEMS: Processing time is seven business days.
  • Please note: Processing times may change without notice.