Preparing your Documents for Authentication

Remember to start by checking with the embassy or consulate regarding what documents are needed and what steps are required for each

If the document is signed and sealed by a notary (lawyer or non-lawyer), the notary must already be on file with our office to avoid delays (see Processing Times for Authenticating Documents).

If your document is over 40 pages in length, you must contact us before submitting the document for authentication.

Click on the following links to see what documents can be authenticated in BC and how to prepare different document types for authentication:

If we cannot authenticate your document, we will return your document to you and will explain in writing why it could not be authenticated.

Reasons we may not be able to authenticate your document include:

  • Missing or incorrect payment,
  • Signatory not on file,
  • Document is notarized by a notary (lawyer or non-lawyer) who is not on file with this office,
  • Documents are not organized and clear on how they are to be processed,
  • Over 40 pages,
  • Document is photocopy,
  • Document was issued in another province,
  • Missing notarization date, signature or seal,
  • Document is of questionable legal status,
  • Document is not for use outside of Canada.