When sending documents directly to the OIC Administration Office, there is a processing fee of $30 for each document to be authenticated.

  • A set of documents consists of those that can be permanently fastened together to go to the same destination. OIC Administration Office staff will fasten the documents together with an eyelet so they cannot be taken apart
  • An original certificate (for example, an original birth or marriage certificate) must be submitted as an individual document. It cannot be put together with another document
  • Two original documents (for example, two birth certificates) cannot be put together and must be submitted as individual documents
  • An original document (for example, a marriage certificate) and a notarized document cannot be put together and must be submitted as individual documents
  • Each document that is notarized by a different lawyer or notary must form a separate set of documents
  • Documents notarized by the same lawyer (with signature and seal present on all items) can be put together and form one set for one fee; these cannot be separated once authenticated together as a set
  • Adoption documents are no longer fee exempt. Regular fees apply
  • Payment can be made by cash, money order, bank draft or cheque. Cheques should be made payable to the Minister of Finance. The OIC Administration Office will not release documents until payment is received. When sending multiple documents the fees can be combined into one payment, rather than individual ones. We cannot accept US Postal Service USD Money Orders as they are only negotiable in the US. Please use US Postal Service USD International Money Orders instead