Document Authentication Fee

There is a standard $30 fee for each document authentication. Documents sent to the OIC Administration Office without payment will not be processed and will be immediately returned to the sender.

The fee includes return mail service delivery by regular Canada Post mail (no tracking). If you would like documents returned to you or sent to a different address by courier, please follow these instructions (see Return Mail Service).

Receipt of payment will be included with the authenticated documents.

Accepted payment types: cash, money order, bank draft or personal or business cheque (made payable to the Minister of Finance).

Note: if you live outside of Canada, payments in USD are accepted. If you wish to pay with a US Postal Service money order, only US Postal Service USD International Money Orders are accepted. Payments made by US Postal Service USD Money Order are not accepted, as they are only negotiable in the US.

Fee For Multiple Documents

Authentication Fee = Number of Documents x $30

If submitting multiple documents for authentication, you must follow these instructions (see Submitting your Documents for Authentication) when filling out your cover letter and preparing your documents for submission.

If you send a payment of $30, that means that the set of pages you submit will be authenticated once as a single, multi-page document with an authentication certificate riveted to the entire, multi-page document. The certificate riveted to the document must not be removed. If the authentication certificate is removed from the document (e.g. to separate the pages), it is considered null and void and the document will have to be sent in for authentication again at your own expense. Note that you are solely responsible for ensuring that an embassy or consulate will accept the documents in the format authenticated.