Return Mail Service

Once your document has been authenticated, it will be riveted with the certificate of authentication and mailed to you by regular Canada Post mail service (no tracking). Receipt of payment will be included. The Order in Council (OIC) Administration Office is not responsible for any loss or damage.

If you require the document to be forwarded to a different address, you must provide this information in your request form under Return Mailing Address when submitting the authentication request.

If your authenticated document needs to be sent directly to a foreign embassy or consulate, you must provide the name, address and mailing instructions for the embassy or consulate.

If you are including additional items meant only for the embassy or consulate, ensure they are in a separate envelope and clearly marked as not for authentication.

Note that you are solely responsible for ensuring that the embassy or consulate will accept the document by mail.

Rush mail and courier delivery options

Rush mail with tracking (such as Xpresspost) and courier delivery service options are available at your own expense. You are responsible for retaining your tracking information and tracking your package.

If you require a rush mail or courier delivery service, you must provide this information in your request form under Special Return Mail Service Instructions when submitting the authentication request. If this information is not provided in your request form, your documents will be sent by regular mail.

The following options are available:

UPS, FedEx and Purolator (recommended for urgent items)

You may use a courier envelope with a pre-paid electronic waybill/shipping label generated from the courier company website or store.

If you would like your documents returned by UPS, FedEx or Purolator, it is preferred that the prepaid waybill be included with your submitted documents. As these three couriers come to the building on a daily basis, you can schedule the pickup for any date online.

Our office will arrange courier pickup only for electronic waybills/shipping labels. Handwritten courier waybills are not accepted. If you submit a handwritten courier waybill, your documents will be sent by regular mail without notice.

Other courier companies

If you wish to use another courier service, you must provide either

  1. ​The name of the courier company under Special Return Mail Service Instructions in your request form, or
  2. The courier company waybill (if one is required by the company).

When the item is ready for pickup, you will be notified by email to the email address in your request form.

You must arrange pickup by the courier company from the OIC Administration Office once you have been emailed the pickup date and details.

Access to incoming Canada Post (pre-paid Priority Courier and Xpresspost) may be delayed 1-2 days after tracking shows delivered. For extremely urgent items, we recommend using the courier options above instead.

Canada Post

Pre-paid Priority Courier and Xpresspost envelopes with tracking numbers may be purchased at most Canada Post outlets. If you are using a pre-paid envelope, you must fill out the return mailing address, legibly and in full, when sending your document for authentication to the OIC Administration Office.

Be sure to retain any tracking information prior to submitting the envelope.

No handwritten courier waybills:
Our office does not accept handwritten courier waybills. If you submit a handwritten courier waybill, your documents will be sent by regular mail without notice.


Missing or lost mail:
If your documents are lost in the mail (did not reach our office), please be advised that our office is unable to help you replace lost documents.