Submitting Documents for Authentication

Read all of the information on this website, including Preparing your Documents for Authentication, before submitting any documents to the Order In Council (OIC) Administration Office.

Note that all authentication requests must be sent by mail or by courier to the OIC Administration Office. Rush and while-you-wait services are not available.

  1. Determine what steps are needed for your document(s):

    See Preparing your Documents for Authentication for information on how to prepare different types of documents

    Contact the embassy or consulate to determine what is needed. Only documents for use outside of Canada are authenticated.

    If documents must be notarized, find out which notaries (lawyers or non-lawyers) are already on file with us.
  2. Prepare your document(s) for authentication:

    Follow all of the instructions on Preparing your Documents for Authentication to ensure that your document is submitted to the OIC Administration Office by the required method.
    • If your document is over 40 pages in length, you must contact us before submitting the document for authentication.
    • If a document does not require authentication, do not send it to us with your package, unless instructions on this website direct you to. Please refer to Preparing your Documents for Authentication for more information.
    • If you are submitting multiple documents for authentication, clearly organize each document (staple or clip pages together) to show how they should be processed.

      Note that you are solely responsible for ensuring that an embassy or consulate will accept the documents in the format authenticated.
  3. Prepare a cover letter: print and fill out a cover letter using this document authentication request template. You must provide your full contact information (name, email and phone number), a mailing address, and any special return mail service instructions (see Return Mail Service).

    If your authenticated document needs to be sent directly to a foreign embassy or consulate, you must provide the name, address and mailing instructions for the embassy or consulate (see Return Mail Service). Note that you are responsible for ensuring that the embassy or consulate will accept the document by mail.
  4. Provide payment of the required fee: see Document Authentication Fee for information on accepted payment types.
  5. Send your completed package with the cover letter, document(s) and payment to the OIC Administration Office: mail or courier your package to the OIC Administration Office mailing address (see Useful Contacts).