Submitting your Documents for Authentication

Apostille Convention transition period

To facilitate transition to the Apostille Convention, authentication requests received between December 18, 2023 and January 11, 2024 will be processed on or after January 11, 2024. See Apostille Convention for details.

Note that all authentication requests must be sent by mail or by courier to the B.C. Authentication Program at the Order in Council (OIC) Administration Office. Rush, walk-in, drop off and while-you-wait services are not available.

  1. Determine what steps are needed for your document(s):

Contact the embassy or consulate to determine exactly what is needed in the destination country. Only documents for use outside of Canada are authenticated.

Read all information on this website before submitting any documents for authentication. For example, does your document need to be translated and/or notarized before authentication?

If documents must be notarized, email to find out which B.C. Notaries Public (B.C. lawyers or B.C. non-lawyers) are already on file with us.

  1. Prepare your document(s):

Follow all of the instructions on Preparing your Documents for Authentication, including:

  • If your document is over 40 pages in length, you must contact us before submitting the document for authentication.
  • If a document does not require authentication, do not send it to us with your package, unless instructions on this website direct you to do so. We do not need to see your identification or supporting documents if they are not for authentication.

If you are submitting multiple documents for authentication:

  • Clearly organize each document (staple or clip pages together) to show how they should be processed.
  • The number, document type, first and last name on document, and destination country for each document must match what is listed on your B.C. Document Authentication Request form.
  • You can enter a maximum of 20 documents per request form. They will be authenticated separately and returned in a single return envelope. Please complete a new form for each return envelope. 
  • If you are submitting more than 20 documents for authentication, please complete a new form for each set of 20.

If you only pay for and list one document in the request form, this means that you are requesting that the set of pages you submit be authenticated once as a single, multi-page document.

Note that you are solely responsible for ensuring that the destination country will accept the documents in the format authenticated.


  1. Prepare a B.C. Document Authentication Request form:

All authentication requests sent to the B.C. Authentication Program at the OIC Administration Office must include a signed and dated B.C. Document Authentication Request form.

Complete the B.C. Document Authentication Request form online:

  • Use a desktop/laptop computer (do not use a mobile device/phone)
  • Upgrade your web browser to the most recent version

    Internet Explorer is not supported. Please use other browsers, such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.

    Required fields are marked with a red asterisk* and must be completed before proceeding to the next section of the form.

    Do not close the browser until you have completed and printed the entire form. Changes you have made will not be saved if you close the browser.

You will need to supply the following information:

  1. Applicant Contact Information
  • Confirm that you are acting on your own behalf, on client's behalf, or both
  • Applicant name, email address and phone number
  1. Return Mailing Address

    If your authenticated document needs to be sent directly to a different address, you must provide the name, address and return mailing instructions (see Return Mail Service).

    Note that you are solely responsible for ensuring that the recipient will accept the document by mail.

  1. Document(s) to be Authenticated

    The information listed must match the documents(s) that you submit for authentication.

  1. Review Information

Make sure that all information is entered correctly, and that your documents are organized to match the documents listed in your request form.

  1. Choose a Payment Option
  • Pay Online with Mastercard, Debit Mastercard, Visa, Visa Debit, or American Express, or
  • Mail Fees with Document/s: Accepted mail-in payment types are money order, bank draft, personal cheque or business cheque (made payable to the Minister of Finance)

    If you select “Pay Online”, you will be automatically redirected to online payment.

    After submitting your online payment, you will be prompted to print your completed form.

  1. Print, sign and date your completed request form. Include this signed and dated request form with your document(s) for authentication.


  1. Provide the authentication fee ($30 per document): see Document Authentication Fee for information on accepted payment types.
  • Your completed request form will show the total amount of the authentication fee for the document(s) you listed in the form.
  • If you paid online, the request form is your confirmation of online payment. Your credit card statement will include the text "Province of BC".
  • If you did not pay online, include the authentication fee ($30 per document) with your signed and dated request form and document(s) for authentication. See Document Authentication Fee for information on accepted payment types.
  1. Send your completed package to the B.C. Authentication Program at the OIC Administration Office by mail or courier with:
    1. The signed and dated request form
    2. Document(s)
    3. Payment (if you did not pay online)