Request a proclamation

Suitable occasions or events for proclamations are those that:

  • Have significance or general application to BC
  • Observe milestones, recognize achievements or direct attention to a worthy cause
  • Are apolitical
  • Would not be considered offensive or frivolous by the public

Proclamation submission guidelines

Please review these guidelines before requesting a proclamation.

Submit requests for proclamations 8 to 10 weeks before the date of the event or occasion to be proclaimed. Submit new requests each year for annually recurring occasions or events, which are subject to the same review process.

Proclamation requests will not be considered if they are submitted:

  • Less than 6 weeks before the date to be proclaimed
  • More than 6 months before the date to be proclaimed
  • For dates that have already passed

To request a proclamation, email the following information to

  • Contact information: provide your full name, organization name (if applicable) and mailing address. If the proclamation is approved and finalized, a signed hard copy will be mailed to the address provided, and a PDF copy will be emailed to you
  • Title and date(s): include the proposed title (ending in “Day,” “Week” or “Month”) and date(s) of the requested proclamation
  • Draft proclamation: include proposed wording for the “Whereas” clauses of the proclamation, formatted as a series of  3 to 5 complete sentences of approximately 2 lines each
    Examples of recent proclamations can be viewed on the BC Laws website
    Review your draft proclamation to ensure the proposed wording:
    • Has a clear and focussed subject that does not directly conflict with or significantly overlap with other proclamations made in the same year
    • Shows significance or general application to BC
    • Follows plain language principles and BC government guidelines for Inclusive Language and Terms
    • Does not assume beliefs or opinions on behalf of British Columbians or any group of people generally
    • Avoids first person pronouns (I, my, we, our)
  • Sources for data, statistics or claims (if any): provide authoritative sources or references for any data, statistics or claims in your draft proclamation
  • Special requests for early delivery (optional): Requests are prioritized in order of the requested proclamation dates. If you are requesting delivery of the hard copy or PDF before the date of the event being proclaimed, your proclamation request should:
    • clearly indicate the special timing request and
    • be submitted at least 6 to 8 weeks before the requested hard copy or PDF delivery date

It may not be possible to accommodate late requests for special timing.