Request a Proclamation

Suitable occasions or events for proclamations are those that:

  • Have significance or general application to BC
  • Observe milestones, recognize achievements or direct attention to a worthy cause
  • Are apolitical
  • Would not be considered offensive or frivolous by the public

Proclamation requests must be received at least six weeks before the date of the event or occasion to be proclaimed. Proclamation requests submitted more than six months in advance of the date to be proclaimed, or for dates that have already passed, will not be considered.

To request a proclamation, email the following information to

  • Contact information: provide your full name, organization name (if applicable) and mailing address. If the proclamation is approved, an original signed copy will be mailed to the address provided.
  • Draft proclamation: include proposed wording for the proclamation, formatted as a series of short paragraphs. Use clear and concise language and limit the length of the submission. Examples of previous proclamations can be viewed on the BC Laws website. Only the paragraphs beginning with "WHEREAS" are required, along with the title and date(s) of the requested proclamation.