Example draft proclamation

Please review the proclamation submission guidelines before requesting a proclamation. Your submission should include a draft proclamation with proposed wording for the “Whereas” clauses only of the proclamation.

Draft proclamation outline

The draft proclamation included with your submission should be no longer than three (3) to five (5) complete sentences. It should generally follow this outline:

Sentence 1

Briefly introduce the topic of the proclamation.

Sentence 2

Include a simple statement to express appreciation, acknowledgement or support for the topic or people who are affected by the topic, preferably showing general relevance to British Columbia.

Optional Sentence

Briefly state how this topic is supported or celebrated, preferably showing general relevance to British Columbia.

Closing Sentence

Include as your closing sentence:

[Proclamation Title] is an opportunity to raise awareness or show support for the topic in British Columbia.

Review your draft proclamation to ensure the proposed wording meets all proclamation submission guidelines.


The following are some examples of best practices in BC proclamations that were proclaimed in 2021.

Proclamations on health-related topics

(Reviewed by the Ministry of Health)

Proclamations on other topics

(Reviewed by ministries other than the Ministry of Health)