Proclamation approval process

The provincial government receives numerous requests for proclamations throughout the year from organizations and individuals. Requests are prioritized in order of the requested proclamation dates.

Requests are reviewed by the BC Proclamations Program and the ministry responsible. Proclamations are then submitted for review and signature by the Attorney General and the Lieutenant Governor.

Requests for proclamations may be approved, revised or declined. Even if approved in previous years, or approved by one or more reviewers, proclamations cannot be assumed to proceed until finalized. Any announcement or press/media release should not assume that a proclamation will proceed before it is finalized.

If finalized, proclamations are embossed with the Great Seal of the Province of British Columbia. A copy of the proclamation is sent to the proponent, and the proclamation is published on the BCLaws website.

Annually recurring proclamations must be requested each year and are subject to the same submission and review process.