Honours and awards

Provincial honours and awards are a memorable and distinctive way for the Province to thank and pay special tribute to those British Columbian's whose lives exemplify excellence and achievement of the highest order. 

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Order of British Columbia

The Order of British Columbia was established by statute on April 21, 1989, to recognize those persons who have served with the greatest distinction and excelled in any field of endeavour benefiting the people of the Province or elsewhere.

B.C. Medal of Good Citizenship

The Medal of Good Citizenship recognizes individuals who have acted in a particularly generous, kind or selfless manner for the common good without expectation of reward. The medal reflects their acts of selflessness, generosity, and service to community life.

Lieutenant Governor’s Medal for Inclusion, Democracy and Reconciliation

The Lieutenant Governor’s Medal for Inclusion, Democracy and Reconciliation recognizes students enrolled in vocational and career programs less than two years long at public post-secondary institutions in British Columbia.

Lieutenant Governor's Award for Literary Excellence

The Lieutenant Governor's Award for Literary Excellence recognizes B.C. writers who have contributed to the development of literary excellence in the province.

Council of the Federation Literacy Award

The Council of the Federation Literacy Award celebrates outstanding achievement, innovative practice and excellence in literacy.

Premier’s Awards for Excellence in Education

The Premier’s Awards for Excellence in Education were created to recognize the enormous contributions of B.C.'s exceptional teachers, administrators and support staff that are vital to the cultural, economic and social well-being of the province.

Child Care Awards of Excellence

The Child Care Awards of Excellence honour the outstanding achievements of individuals, organizations and local governments who provide or support the delivery of exceptional early care and learning services.

Child & Youth in Care Recognition Awards

The BC Child and Youth in Care Week Recognition Awards recognize the amazing achievements of children and youth in and from care from across the province.

B.C. Long Service Medal (Fire)

The Long Service Medal (Fire) is awarded to those who have at least 25 years of paid or volunteer fire service, to recognize their dedication and long service.

B.C. Fire Fighter Medal of Bravery

The Fire Fighter Medal of Bravery is awarded to firefighters who act without concern for their personal safety.

Fire Commissioner's Commendation

The Fire Commissioner's Commendation recognizes those who make outstanding contributions to fire safety in the province. It can be awarded to the public as well as members of the fire service.

Community Safety & Crime Prevention Awards

The Community Safety and Crime Prevention Awards recognize individuals, groups and programs that have made outstanding contributions to crime prevention, restorative justice, victim services, and community safety.

Public Safety Volunteer Award

The Public Safety Volunteer Award recognizes Public Safety Lifeline Volunteers for their outstanding contributions every year.

B.C. Multiculturalism & Anti-Racism Awards

The Multiculturalism and Anti-Racism Awards honour exceptional individuals and organizations that promote multiculturalism and address racism.

Small Business BC Awards

The Small Business BC Awards celebrate the success of small business owners, shining a light on the hard-working and dedicated entrepreneurs in our province.

Open for Business Awards

The Open for Business Awards celebrate communities that have created a business friendly environment, allowing small business to flourish.

Century Farm & Ranch Awards

The Century Farm and Ranch Awards honour pioneers whose farm, ranch or agricultural organization has been active in B.C. for 100 years.

B.C. Heritage Awards

The British Columbia Heritage Awards celebrate outstanding achievements and best practices that have impacted and strengthened all forms of heritage as a valued cultural resource in communities throughout British Columbia.

B.C. Woodlot Stewardship & Minister's Award

The Stewardship & Minister’s Award program was created to recognize the true legacies licensees create in woodlot management.

Indspire Awards

The Indspire Awards honour First Nations, Inuit and Métis individuals who exemplify Indigenous excellence and whose stories inspire, uplift, and educate Canadians about the tremendous contributions Indigenous peoples make to our country.

B.C. Reconciliation Award

The British Columbia Reconciliation Award showcases the work of individuals, groups and organizations committed to furthering the Principles of Reconciliation.

BC Achievement - Applied Art & Design Award

The Carter Wosk Award in Applied Art + Design shines a light on functional art which enhances day-to-day life for individuals while enriching our collective experiences.

BC Achievement - Community Award

The Community Award recognizes the contributions of extraordinary British Columbians who build better, stronger, more resilient communities and shine as examples of dedication and service.

BC Achievement - First Nations Art Award

The Fulmer Award in First Nations Art celebrates the intersection of art and culture, while honouring First Nations artistic traditions and creating a platform for community engagement, mentorship and storytelling.

BC Achievement - Indigenous Business Award

The Indigenous Business Award honours Indigenous entrepreneurs and businesses who are building significant socio-economic opportunities and generating cultural resurgence across the province.