Council of the Federation Literacy Award

2020 Recipient

Story Studio Writing Society

Story Studio is a non-profit, literacy-focused organization that inspires, educates and empowers youth to become great storytellers, and in doing so, transforms lives and strengthens communities. Starting in 2011, Studio Story facilitators and volunteers have worked with almost 10,000 youth, taking a fun and creative approach that improves literacy skills and builds self-confidence. Bringing together kids of all ages with authors and illustrators, they produce around 1,500 youth-authored books annually. Working at the community level, 80% of their programming is directed towards meeting the needs of vulnerable youth and lower-income families.  To maximize their accessibility, Story Studio partners with a broad range of community organizations. They also lead workshops for teachers, parents and other adult learners, inspiring others to support youth writing and storytelling.

Who is eligible?

­­This year (2020), the award will go to a literacy-related organization in B.C. providing leadership in the field through partnerships and collaboration, and that demonstrates outstanding achievement, innovative practice and excellence in literacy. Selection of the recipient will be evidence-based.

Employees of the Government of British Columbia, members of the selection committee and their families, or past winners are not eligible for the British Columbia Council of the Federation Literacy Award. Organizations may self-nominate.

What does Council of the Federation Literacy Award winner receive?

Recognition will include a Council of the Federation Literacy medallion, a certificate from the Premier, an honorarium and public promotion.

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