Regulatory and Service Improvement

The Regulatory Reform Initiative promotes clear, simple regulations and policy to make it easier for you to deal with government.

B.C. is committed to enhancing the lives of all British Columbians by eliminating unnecessary red tape, and minimizing the time and cost for citizens and businesses to access government services or comply with regulatory requirements.

Red Tape Reduction 

We want to make sure all government regulatory requirements are necessary, meaningful, and serve a purpose. 

Measuring Progress 

Check out the progress we’ve made to date and how we continue to track, count, and reduce the regulatory burden in B.C.  

Enhancing Access

Learn more about how B.C. is expanding access to government information and providing opportunities for you to participate in finding workable solutions. Here is an example from Red Tape Reduction Day 2017, which shows how one citizen was able to help make a difference by suggesting a change to how the B.C. government delivers probate services:

Erin from Victoria shared an idea about improving probate services that Ministry of Justice acted on