Resort Municipality Funding

The Resort Municipality Initiative (RMI) program is managed by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport. 

The program is intended to support small, tourism-based municipalities to build and diversify their tourism infrastructure, deliver exceptional visitor experiences and incorporate sustainable tourism practices and products. 

The RMI program funds projects which result in the following key outcomes for resort-based communities:

  • Increased resort activities and amenities
  • Increased visitation and visitor activity
  • Increased private investment
  • Increased employment in the community
  • Increased tourism contribution to the local economy
  • Increased municipal tax revenue
  • Diversification of municipal tax base and revenue

In Budget 2019, the Government committed to providing $39 million over three years for the RMI to fund infrastructure projects that will create jobs and build a strong economy in tourism-oriented communities. RMI funding is now part of the core budget for the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, providing communities with the certainty they need to plan over the long term. 

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