Progress Reporting

The New Relationship vision, the Transformative Change Accord (TCA) and the Métis Nation Relationship Accord (MNRA) embody government’s commitment to closing the socio-economic gaps that exist between Aboriginal people and other British Columbians. 

The Province reports progress made under the Accords through reporting on

New Relationship

Annual Reporting

New Relationships with Aboriginal People and Communities in British Columbia – Annual Report on Progress, which spans the fiscal year, reports on the partnerships between the province, First Nations, Métis and Aboriginal people and organizations to improve social and economic outcomes for Aboriginal people across B.C.

Highlights of their collective efforts include

  • Initiatives
  • Foundational achievements
  • Strategies for the future
  • Measures
  • Plans and strategies being implemented
  • Community perspectives

Annual Progress reports:

Measuring Outcomes

The Measuring Outcomes report addresses a provincial commitment to track the social and economic outcomes of Aboriginal people in B.C. in order to measure progress toward closing the socio-economic gaps that exist between Aboriginal people and other British Columbians.

Discussion Paper

  • Discussion Paper on Instructions for Implementing the New Relationship – 2005
    In 2005 the Province and the First Nations Leadership Council entered into a New Relationship based on respect, recognition and accommodation of aboriginal title and rights; respect for each others respective laws and responsibilities; and for the reconciliation of Aboriginal and Crown titles and jurisdictions. The parties agreed to establish new processes and institutions for shared decision-making regarding land and resources and for revenue and benefit sharing.


Aboriginal Women and Girls

Community Engagement

  • Aboriginal Affairs Working Group Report –  2010
    A Framework for Action in Education, Economic Development and Violence Against Aboriginal Women & Girls prepared by the Aboriginal Affairs Working Group. 
  • Aboriginal Employment Community Engagement Summary Report –  2009
    This summary report provides information on best practices and gaps in current Aboriginal employment programming in British Columbia, as provided by a variety of Aboriginal employment stakeholders in focus groups, interviews and surveys that took place in November and December 2008.

Economic and Business Development

  • Evaluations for the Economic Measures Fund – November 15, 2005
    Evaluation of the EMF, established by the Ministry to build First Nations economic/business development capacity, increase First Nation’s participation in mainstream economic initiatives and improve the investment climate in B.C.

Urban and Off-Reserve Aboriginals