Leading Brands®

Leading Brands® is North America’s only fully integrated healthy beverage company.

Leading Brands 'Happy Water' image 2017

Leading Brands of Canada markets the award winning Happy Water Brand. The company sources Happy Water from a rare and pristine mountain spring on Mount Woodside, B.C. This premium mountain spring source is one of very few real spring sites and thus the water is sustainably sourced  and 100% natural ( ie. It is not a processed water, nor is it a low quality glacial / groundwater).

Happy  Water naturally contains calcium, magnesium and a trace amount of sodium. It is considered a ‘soft  water’ ( hardness of ~56) and is ideal for cooking, making tea, coffee or infant formula and simply  enjoying as a refreshing glass of water. The pH of Happy Water ranges from 7.0 to 7.2 – it varies because it is a natural source.

Happy Water is bottled in 500mL and 1L bottles that are BPA free and biodegradable. It is also  available in their North American patented “WaterBox” in 5L / 10L / 15L boxes that are also BPA free and
100% recyclable.

Leading Brands of Canada was established in 1994, and is based in Vancouver, B.C. We own our spring site, water license and bottling facility. Quality control is maintained via production  protocol, third party testing and industry certifications.