Earth’s Own Food Company

Earth’s Own Food Company (Earth’s Own) is a pioneering healthy food and beverage company dedicated to nutritional innovation that improves people’s well-being.

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The company specializes in non-dairy beverage products, offering a range of branded lines that include: So Good, a line of non-GMO soy beverages, in varieties such as original, fat-free, no sugar added, chocolate and vanilla, as well as delicious soy and coconut ice creams; So Nice, their premium almond and soy beverages, made with organic ingredients and available in a variety of flavours, with the additional offering of specialized So Nice coffee creamer products; almond Fresh and cashew Fresh, additional cartoned milk-substitute beverages made from nuts, available in a range of flavours.

Earth’s Own also offers their Sunrise Soya Foods brand, a wide range of tofu products designed to appeal to Asian markets. Additionally, the company acquired Happy Planet in 2009, a producer of premium juice smoothies and fresh soups, made from locally sourced ingredients. The company ensures product safety with their approved Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) facilities and Martek certification.

First established as Soyaworld Inc. in Burnaby in 1994, the company was founded with a vision of being an early innovator of non-dairy products in the Canadian market, to serve the growing market of health-conscious customers. All products are GMO-free and Earth’s Own is always looking to reduce their carbon footprint, having implemented programs to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of their facilities, and working with packaging partners to reduce paperweight and plastic use. The company also contributes to a variety of community organizations, including Evergreen, Osteoporosis Canada and local food banks.