JusTea Beverages

JusTea Beverages Inc. (JusTea) offer unique, premium-grade teas sourced from small-scale farmers in Kenya.

JusTea Beverages purple image 2017

The delightful packaging in a triangle shaped box helps itpurple tea. Purple tea comes from a unique variety of tea plant, which yields beautiful, vibrant purple leaves. It is low in caffeine and contains the same super- antioxidants that are naturally found in other purple plants, such as blueberries and pomegranates.

JusTea has launched three delicious Purple blends: Purple Rain (bright and tropical), Purple Jasmine (light and floral), and Purple Mint (fresh and smooth). All of the company’s products (purple, herbal, and black teas) are fair-trade and non-GMO certified.

JusTea’s artisanal teas come in colourful packages that stand out on any tea shelf. Loose-leaf teas are available in tins with a viewing window, so you can see the vibrantly coloured tea inside, and each tin is equipped with a special, hand-carved and beaded Kenyan tea spoon. Bagged tea comes in biodegradable pyramid tea bags, housed in unique triangular boxes. Every JusTea package features the picture and story of a Kenyan tea farmer.

The tea blending and packaging is done in a quality-controlled, HACCP-certified production facility in British Columbia, Canada.

JusTea was established in Vancouver in 2014, after the owners were inspired by charitable work they had undertaken in Kenya. Nearly 90% of youth aged 18-28 in Kenya’s rural tea-growing areas are unemployed. JusTea helps create sustainable and steady jobs for this vulnerable demographic.

The company also works to educate customers about life in Kenya, and the country’s tea-growing economy, by telling the story of the farmers they work with, and raising awareness about the issues they face.