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In 2016, the Province commissioned the following two-phased study to determine best practices associated with administering competition in Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs.

Phase 1 reviewed various jurisdictions in order to gain insight into the competitive dynamics that arise from the design and oversight of a wide variation of EPR schemes. Phase 2 analyzed the existing EPR framework in British Columbia against the fundamental requirements for successful competition models.

The study noted that B.C.’s existing Recycling Regulation allows for competition and does not require change. It also provided a range of short and long-term observations to further support competition. 

The Province is now analyzing these observations through the lens of potential costs and benefits for British Columbians.

If, as a result of this work, changes are proposed to existing policies or the Recycling Regulation, the Province will consult with stakeholders at that time.

Between October 2011, and February 2012, the Province consulted with stakeholders and the public on key aspects of the beverage container product category of the Recycling Regulation. Based on the findings of the final report, it was decided there was insufficient justification to further investigate changing the province’s beverage container retail return, refill/recycling or deposit-refund requirements at this time. 

An online survey of 1,200 British Columbians to measure consumer awareness of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs in B.C. The questions sought awareness of the programs, as well as to educate the consumer of these programs and how to access recycling information.

Studies to undertake an assessment of the economic and environmental benefits that can be attributed to the implementation of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs in B.C. The assessments examined the implications of EPR program performance for B.C.’s economy, environment and contribution to broader regional and global environmental issues.

Jurisdictional review of performance monitoring practices for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs and potential approaches for EPR programs in B.C. The recommendations in the report will be used to help inform discussions to address known challenges and complexities associated with EPR performance monitoring in B.C.