Recycle Pharmaceuticals

What is accepted?

Unused health products can be dropped off to your pharmacist for responsible disposal. Any of the following items that are unused, expired, in questionable condition, or missing labels are accepted:

  • All prescription drugs
  • Over-the-counter medications, oral dosage
  • Natural health products, oral dosage
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements

Why should I recycle?

Don't throw it out. It is important to make sure that your unused or expired medicines are disposed of safely. This keeps drugs out of the hands of children and other people who might use them inappropriately. It also keeps drugs out of landfill sites, water supplies and marine environments.

The B.C. Medications Return Program is a product stewardship initiative funded by the pharmaceutical and consumer health products industries.

Where can I take it back?

You may return your unused health products to a participating pharmacy. For a list of locations in your area, visit Health Product Stewardship Association.

What happens to it?

Expired and unused medications are safely disposed of through certified incineration.