Recycling Regulation amendments and initiatives

The Recycling Regulation, under authority of the Environmental Management Act, sets out the requirements for B.C.'s Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).

Regulated packaging and products are defined in the Recycling Regulation. New items are added by:

  • Changing existing product categories, or
  • Including new product categories

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EPR Five-Year Action Plan: 2021 to 2026

The Extended Producer Responsibility Five-Year Action Plan (PDF, 2.6MB) outlines priorities B.C. must take to advance as a leader in EPR and waste prevention. These actions include:

  • Adding more products to the Recycling Regulation
  • Researching opportunities and policy options for how packaging and paper can be diverted from industrial, commercial and institutional sectors

EPR public engagement 2020

To make sure the development of B.C.’s EPR action plan was well informed, the ministry consulted with key partners and stakeholders about regulating more products for recycling under EPR and other waste-prevention policy approaches.

Read more about the results of these public engagement sessions:

Recycling Regulation amendments

Deposit-refund system expansion

To keep more containers out of landfills and waterways, the Recycling Regulation has expanded the deposit-refund system to:

  • Change the minimum refundable deposit on all containers to 10-cents
    • Already in effect
  • Cover all beverage containers, including milk and milk-substitutes
    • Starting February 1, 2022

Read more about these amendments and how they were introduced:

Single-use and more packaging products

Starting on January 1, 2023, the Recycling Regulation will cover more single-use items and packaging products. For example:

  • Stir sticks, straws and utensils
  • Party supplies, such as paper streamers, pinwheels and pinatas
  • Sandwich and freezer bags
  • Cardboard moving boxes

Read more about these amendments and how they were introduced:

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