Recycle Outdoor Power Equipment

Last updated on August 9, 2018

What can I recycle?

Outdoor Power Equipment Institute of Canada (OPEIC) manages electric outdoor power equipment, ranging in size from hand-held brush cutters and chain saws to pressure washers and lawn mowers. Products are divided into categories including: hand-held, walk behind, free-standing and lawn tractors. View the OPEIC products page to see a complete list of what electric outdoor power equipment is accepted by the program.

Why should I recycle?

By recycling your used and broken electronic devices, you divert waste from your local landfills and help the environment. You also reduce the need for raw materials to manufacture new products.

Where can I recycle?

Visit the OPEIC website and enter your city or postal code in the depot finder to find a location near you that includes the location's address, map and hours of operation or call 1-877-592-2972.

What happens to it?

Recyclable materials like metal and aluminum are separated and sold as commodities for use in new products.

Stewardship Plans & Reports

Annual reports and stewardship plans as provided to the Province are posted for convenience.