Recycling Cell Phones

What can I recycle?

Under this program, you can recycle mobile/wireless devices that connect to cellular or paging networks.

Why should I recycle?

By recycling your mobile device, you divert waste from your local landfills and help the environment. You also reduce the need for raw materials to manufacture new products. And your donation generates revenue, which is distributed to various charitable organizations across Canada.

Recycle My Cell is a free, national, industry-led, recycling program for mobile devices and accessories.

Where can I recycle?

You can return your old or unwanted devices –regardless of make, brand or condition – to a participating drop-off location. To find a location near you call 1-888-797-1740 or visit

What happens to it?

Batteries and cell phones are separated by type and then forwarded for recycling. The recycling facility processes the reusable metals from the batteries and prepares them for use in new products such a batteries and stainless steel.

Cell phones are refurbished and resold when possible. None of the reclaimed materials from the battery and cell phone recycling process are sent to landfills.