Wildlife Habitat Mapping

Wildlife habitat mapping identifies areas in a landscape that provide life requisites for a particular wildlife species. The scale of wildlife habitat mapping varies based on available input data, knowledge of wildlife-habitat relationships, and project objectives.

Ecosystem mapping is the framework for applying habitat ratings. In B.C. wildlife habitat mapping commonly uses BEM and TEM data, with a focus on polygon attributes such as site modifiers and structural stage codes to inform WHR models for habitat suitability and capability.

  • A habitat capability rating is defined as the ability of the habitat, under the optimal natural conditions for a species to provide its life requisites, irrespective of the current condition of the habitat. 
  • A habitat suitability rating is defined as the ability of the habitat in its current condition to provide the life requisites of a species.

Search for Data & Information

WHR are evaluated based on data and information from standardized terrestrial ecosystem classification, inventory and mapping:

Data Standards and Guidelines

WHR are applied to ecological mapping projects according to consistent scientific standards and methods:

Large scale Wildlife Habitat Mapping projects in British Columbia are completed following the Standard for Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping in British Columbia (PDF)

Small scale Wildlife Habitat Mapping projects in British Columbia are completed following The Standards for Broad Terrestrial Ecosystem Classification and Mapping For British Columbia: Classification and Correlation of the Broad Habitat Classes used in 1:250,000 Ecological Mapping (PDF)

Field data collected for Wildlife Habitat Mapping in British Columbia is collected following the protocols laid out in section 5 of Field Manual for Describing Terrestrial Ecosystems – 2nd Edition (PDF)

Find standards and guidelines for digital data format for submitting Wildlife Habitat mapping data related to ecosystem mapping in Terrestrial Ecosystem Information Digital Data Submission Standard – Draft for Field Testing: Database and GIS Data Standards (PDF)