Invasive insects and spiders

Invasive insects and spiders are insects and spiders from one part of the world that are transported or migrate beyond their natural range and become established in a new area where they can cause potential harm to native ecosystems.

There are 5 priority categories for insects and spiders which determine the province's response. They are:

  1. Prevent
  2. Early detection and rapid response (EDRR)
  3. Provincial containment
  4. Regional containment/control
  5. Management

The insects and spiders on this page are organized into these categories. 

Provincial EDRR

Provincial EDRR

Species is high risk to B.C. and is new to the Province. Management objective is eradication.

Asian long-horned beetle (PDF, 996KB)
Anoplophora glabripennis

Asian Giant Hornet (PDF, 331KB)
Vespa mandarinia

Japanese beetle 
Popillia japonica

Provincial containment

Species is high risk with limited extent in B.C. but significant potential to spread. Management objective is to prevent further expansion into new areas with the ultimate goal of reducing the overall extent.

Apple maggot (PDF, 528KB)
Rhagoletis pomonella



Regional containment/control

Species is high risk and well established, or medium risk with high potential for spread. Management objective is to prevent further expansion into new areas within the region through establishment of containment lines and identification of occurrences outside the line to control.

Argentine ant (PDF, 582KB)
Linepithema humile

Impressive fire ant
Myrmica specioides

Asian needle ant
Pachycondyla (Brachyponera) chinensis

Little fire ant
Wasmannia auropunctata

European fire ant (PDF, 818KB)
Myrmica rubra

Tropical stinging ant
Hypoponera punctatissima


Species is more widespread but may be of concern in specific situations with certain high values - e.g., conservation lands, specific agriculture crops.  Management objective is to reduce the invasive species impacts locally or regionally, where resources are available.

Balsam woolly adelgid
Adelges piceae

European paper wasp
Polistes dominula​

Praying mantis
Mantis religiosa​

Woodlouse spider
Dysdera crocata

Brown marmorated stinkbug
Halyomorpha halys

Drumming katydid
Meconema thalassinum​

Spotted wing drosophila
Drosophila suzukii

European chafer beetle
Amphimallon majale

Large yellow underwing
Noctua pronuba​

Winter moth
Operophtera brumata​