Invasive Birds

Invasive species are plants and animals not naturally found in B.C. that can potentially harm the province's natural environment or adversely affect people's health.

There are 5 priority categories. A bird's priority category determines the province's response.

  1. Prevent
  2. Early detection and rapid response (EDRR)
  3. Provincial Containment
  4. Regional containment/control
  5. Management

The birds on this page are all in the management category. 


Species is more widespread but may be of concern in specific situations with certain high values - For example, conservation lands, specific agriculture crops. Management objective is to reduce the invasive species impacts locally or regionally, where resources are available. 

black duck in a pond

American black duck
Anas rubripes​

collard dove on a wire

Eurasian collared dove
Streptopelia decaocto

house sparrow on some leaves

European house sparrow     
Passer domesticus

Starling on a rock

European starling (PDF, 438KB)
Sturnus vulgaris 

Mute swan on water

Mute swan
Cygnus olor​

Rock pigeon on a rock

Rock pigeon
Columba livia

Wild turkey on grass

Wild turkey
Meleagris gallopavo​