Submit Angling Guide Data

Angler on Spruce Lake, South Chilcotin, B.C.

Step 1. Prepare To Submit Data

Record your guiding information in the appropriate spreadsheet template:

Step 2. Register for a BCeID

Step 3. Request Access on the Angling Guide Reporting SharePoint Site

  • Log into the Angling Guide Reporting SharePoint site by using your BceID username and password.
  • First time users or those with a new BCeID will initially see a message that states, “You need permission to access this site”. Please type in a quick message and click on “Send request”.
  • Access is granted by our Angling Guide Team and will occur as quickly as possible; however, it is not automatic. You will receive an email once you have been granted access to the Site.

Step 4. Submit Data

  • Log in with your BCeID to the Angling Guide Reporting SharePoint Site.
  • To submit your guide report select the ‘Complete your Annual Submission Form’. Please ensure to fill out all the required information, attach reporting files and include any additional files.
  • Please follow any additional instructions on the Angling Guide Reporting SharePoint Site.

Help document for submitting angling guide data:

Log in to the Submission Site